Live Speaking

  • October 2016.  Polished Austin (Austin, Texas): "Waiting Well" (listen here)
  • October 2016.  Kinship Summit (Austin, Texas): "Relationships and Comparison"
  • February 2017. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and Polished Austin (listen here
  • April 2017.  Polished Austin (Austin, Texas): "Decisions, Decisions" (listen here)
  • February 2018.  A Future and a Hope (Austin, Texas): "Foster Care Motivations" 
  • April 2018.  Polished Dallas (Dallas, Texas): "Identity at Work" 
  • April 2018.  Grace + Peace Women's Retreat (Belton, Texas): "Discernment" 
  • June 2018.  Polished Austin (Austin, Texas): "Stepping into Leadership"